Secure Hardware-Software Architectures for Robust Computing Systems

Related Projects


NECOMA: Nippon-European Cyberdefense-Oriented Multilayer threat Analysis.

NECOMA addresses the aspect of data collection, leveraging past and current work on the topic with the goal to expand these existing mechanisms and orient them towards threat data analysis.

Second, it addresses threat data analysis not only from the perspective of understanding attackers and vulnerabilities, but also from the point of view of the target and victim, needing to protect itself in real-time and in the most efficient manner possible; this will be achieved through the development of metrics that allow to measure the impact of attacks on the protected infrastructure or endpoint.

Third, it aims to develop and demonstrate new cyberdefense mechanisms that leverage these metrics for deployment and evaluation.

These three aspects will be analyzed both from an infrastructure perspective (networks and large computing infrastructures) and endpoints (smartphones and browsers). The results of the NECOMA project will be showcased in demonstrators that will highlight the innovations of the project and prepare exploitation. 


SysSec: Managing Threats and Vulnerabilities in the Future Internet.

SysSec proposes to create a Network of Excellence in the field of Systems Security for Europe to play a leading role in changing the rules of the game. Capitalizing on the results of the recent FORWARD initiative and building on strong synergies with Industry and Policy makers, SysSec will work towards:

  • creating a virtual center of excellence, to consolidate the Systems Security research community in Europe
  • promoting cybersecurity education
  • engaging a think-tank in discovering the threats and vulnerabilities of the Current and Future Internet,
  • creating an active research roadmap in the area, and
  • developing a joint working plan to conduct State-of-the-Art collaborative research.